Roofing Insurance Claims Process

The Roofing Insurance Claim Process Is Needed for These Missing Shingles

Is Your Roof Damage Covered by Your Insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance provides homeowners with much needed financial assistance in times when the provisions of the contract are met. Typically, an all-perils homeowner’s insurance policy covers a roof replacement, however old the roof is if an act of nature has occurred. Acts of nature are defined as inclement weather that is typical for the area. For example, in northern climates, the weight of heavy snow and ice storms would be covered. In warmer climates, hail and wind damage are usually covered by the terms of the homeowner’s insurance contract. For more information about the roofing insurance claim process in The Woodlands, TX, please give us a call at 832-246-7884.

The Roofing Insurance Claim Process as Demonstrated by Paperwork

Your Insurance Deductible and Your Roof

Twenty or more years ago, insurance companies used to provide lump-sum payments when losses occurred. For such instances, the deductible was removed from the total sum. Things have changed in the intervening years. According to House Bill 2102, which goes into effect September 1st, 2019, and will be located in Chapter 707 of the Texas Insurance Code, a roofing company commits a violation if they pay, waive, absorb, rebate, credit, or otherwise decline to make a homeowner pay their deductible. This means that roofing companies must charge deductibles according to state law. 

The Insurance Claim Process

The process for making an insurance claim for your roof damage remains the same.

  • First, call The Woodlands Premier Roofing first at 832-246-7884 to schedule a roof inspection. The Woodlands Premier Roofing will be able to determine how extensive the damage is, and what the current condition of the roof is.
  • Next, contact your insurance company and file a claim for your damaged roof.
  • After that, an insurance adjuster will inspect your roof and thereby provide an estimate to repair or replace the roof.

Please contact us in order to receive more information from one of our team members about how we can make this process easy for your insurance claim.

The Woodlands Premier Roofing is your local skilled roofing company, providing property owners with assistance for their roofing insurance claim process in The Woodlands, TX. Give us a call at 832-246-7884 to get started on your roofing insurance damage claim.