Concrete Tile Roof Installation

Concrete roofing is durable and long-lasting.

Concrete Tile Roof Installation

For a durable and long-lasting roof, the best option for your home may be concrete tiles. This roofing material is incredibly versatile with a wide variety of finishes and styles. If your roof is in need of an update, contact us at 832-246-7884 for a concrete tile roof installation in The Woodlands, TX and the surrounding areas.

What is a concrete tile?

Concrete tiles are made up of water, sand and cement. There are many advantages to choosing concrete tiles for your roof, including:

  • Durability: Concrete tiles are very durable, resistant to wind, hail, mold, and even fire. They are manufactured with additional water locks which prevent water infiltration.
  • Versatility: Concrete tiles not only come in a variety of styles, they can be painted, as well as be smooth or textured, offering a variety of textures. Additionally, they can be manufactured to mimic the look of traditional clay tiles, wood shake, slate and stone.
  • Longevity: Because of how durable they are, concrete tiles can last for several years, especially with the correct installation.

We are leading experts with concrete tile roof installation in The Woodlands, TX area.

Concrete Tile Roof Repair

Even with a guaranteed installation, every roofing material needs maintenance and occasional repairs. The Woodlands Premier Roofing offers full-service needs for concrete tile roof repair. We are experienced with concrete tiles, so we can assist with everything, including concrete tile roof replacement. Our professional roofers work with your schedule and your budget to ensure you have a durable and reliable roof. That is why we work with only the highest quality roofing material from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

For quality concrete tile roof installations, contact The Woodlands Premier Roofing.

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The Woodlands Premier Roofing is the expert for your concrete tile roofing needs. Call us at 832-246-7884 for concrete tile roof installation services in the The Woodlands, TX area. Our company is dedicated to providing quality roofing as well as quality customer service. With our competitive pricing, quality roofing materials, and unbeatable customer service, there is no other roofing company you’ll want to work with.