Impact Resistant Shingles

Hail damage is one of the biggest factors in roof damage, but impact resistant shingles are designed to withstand the impact.

Impact Resistant Shingles Installation

Your roof needs to be able to do multiple jobs. It needs to be structurally safe, protective, and maintain curb appeal. There are, however, many things that can affect the quality of your roof, storms being the number one factor in roof damage with hail damage being most destructive forces within a storm. As a homeowner, though, you are in luck because The Woodlands Premier Roofing supplies impact resistant shingles as well as impact resistant shingles installation in the The Woodlands, TX area.

What are they?

The name of these shingles kind of explains everything. They are designed to stand up better to impacts, like hail. Traditional shingles have a tendency to break through to fiberglass underneath. Impact resistant shingles made from a thicker resin that is manufactured to protect the fiberglass underneath.

An easy way to determine if the actual resistance of impact resistant shingles is to perform a resiliency test. The test is simple to perform.

The Woodlands Premier Roofing offer competitive pricing for impact resistant shingles installation.

Resiliency Test

  • Release a 2” steel ball onto shingles from a height of about 12 feet.
  • The shingles pass if the fiberglass is not harmed underneath

If you are considering an impact resistant shingles installation in the The Woodlands, TX area, a professional roofer with The Woodlands Premier Roofing can perform this test with you.

Impact Resistant Shingle Repairs

Even though these shingles are designed to withstand bigger hits, every storm is different. If there is any amount of damage to your impact resistant shingles, The Woodlands Premier Roofing will still be able to help. We have years of experience with impact resistant shingles repair. Your quality roof is just a phone call away.

Impact resistant shingles are great for areas with extreme weather conditions.

Local Roofers, Local Pricing

When you choose to work with The Woodlands Premier Roofing, you are choosing to work with the best. Our company only works with the finest quality roofing materials from the industries leading manufacturers. The Woodlands Premier Roofing strives to provide quality roofing as well as quality customer service. Call us at, 832-246-7884, if you are interested in impact resistant shingles installation services in the The Woodlands, TX area.