Silicone Roof Coatings

A silicone is a great, cost-friendly option for commercial buildings.

Silicone Coating Installation

Rather than pay for a full roof replacement, sometimes all your commercial roofing needs is a quick refresh. A great option for any commercial roofing, but especially for flat-roofing, is silicone roof coatings. This is a great alternative to an entire replacement that gives business owners security and longevity to their existing roof. If silicone roof coatings in the The Woodlands, TX sound like an option for you, then give The Woodlands Premier Roofing a call, 832-246-7884, today.

Silicone Roof Coating – What Is It?

A silicone roof coating is what it sounds like. It’s a 100% silicone based roof coating and when applied correctly, this coating creates a durable, air-tight, waterproof seal on your roof. Commercial business owners can see their silicone roof lasting upwards of 20 years when installed correctly. Like other coating agents, there are many benefits to choosing a silicone roofing:

  • Cost friendly: Not only is the purchase and application inexpensive, but you’ll save money renewing your roof with a silicone coating application rather than tearing up the old roof and replacing it.
  • Longevity: So long as your current roof is still in decent condition, silicone roof coatings can extend the use of your roof. Silicone coatings are, by their nature, resistant to extreme weather, making it a durable choice.
  • Energy efficient: Because most silicone coating mixtures are white or light in color, they will reflect the light rather than absorb it. This can save your business quite a bit of money during those summer months.

Silicone Coating Application

As mentioned already, when done correctly, a silicone coating application can not only last years but save your business a lot of money. Choosing the right contracting company is key in that. The The Woodlands Premier Roofing team has years of experience with applications as well as with silicone coating repairs. Our professional roofers can come in to quickly perform a silicone coating application with little to no interruption to your daily activities.

Let The Woodlands Premier Roofing help with your silicone roof installation.

Local Silicone Coating Experts

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